How to Care for Your Beijo Bag!

To take the best care of your Beijo polyvinyl bag, we suggest the following rules of thumb.  If your bag is fabric or any material other than polyvinyl, then please check with Beijo before applying any cleaning materials:




  • Remember, while your Beijo polyvinyl bag is very durable, it is not indestructible – but it will last a long time with the proper care.
  • When not using your handbag, store it in the dust cover that’s provided with every style.
  • For polishing or simple cleanings, use household products and a soft cloth (your dust cover will work great).
  • If your bag is a lighter color, it’s best not to let it come in contact with newspapers, photocopies or other such printed materials. This is especially true in hot weather, since the lighter colors can soak up images when overheated.
  • No matter what color your bag, always avoid contact with ink—these are the toughest stains to get out.
  • For harder stains and scratches, the material of a Beijo bag is one that requires special attention. Products like Goo Gone or Soft Scrub can be effective, but ONLY if you create heat and friction while cleaning. For best results, use a porous cloth (such as the dust cover) and rub repeatedly until it gets hot under your finger, taking care not to be too rough on the material. When cleaning your bag in this way, the idea is to be cautious, but assertive.






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